Bundle Up! Fall/Winter Fashion Do’s & Don’ts by Mary

Everyone loves the cold weather because it means the holidays are just around the corner. These upcoming seasons call for hot chocolate and snuggling up next to the fire at home but they also call for a lot of bundling up. The tips below are some essential things to remember through the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons. Keep them in mind when you’re getting ready in the morning!

DO wear layers: It gets cold really fast, but can get hot just as fast when you’re indoors. Layers make your life easier! Especially when you’re indoors, you don’t want to be wearing bulky sweaters and jackets that you originally put on to stay warm outside. With layers, you can take them off as you please and be comfortable.

DO accessorize: Hats! Gloves! Mittens! Scarves! These are essential for all the cold weather coming our way. Not only is it essential, but if you don’t have these accessories at your disposal then you’ll be regretting it when the tips of your fingers are about to freeze off. Keep them all in your bag and ready to go!

DO stay dry: Frost bite isn’t as far fetched as you think it is! Make sure to stay dry throughout the cold season because frost bite can easily catch up to you. Drink warm liquids and use warm water whenever you can. Keep those gloves and mittens on, they exist for a very good reason!

DO wash your hands & stay healthy: The cold weather is a calling for germs, flus, and colds. Don’t be a victim and stay healthy. Especially living in New York City and even being on subways throughout the day, germs spread and it’s super easy to get sick. Wash your hands as soon as you get home and make good use of hand sanitizers. Also, make sure to take Vitamin C and eat healthy foods. Avoid those bugs that go around.

DON’T go out without a jacket: If there’s one thing you have to make sure to do, it’s to stay warm. Needless to say, it can get really cold outside throughout the season. Always have your jacket on, don’t forget it! Bundling up is important because it is so easy to get sick if you don’t. Make it a point to make sure you have a warm jacket, and if you don’t.. what are you waiting for? Go out and buy one!

DON’T wear open toed shoes: The fastest way to lose heat from your body are from the your fingertips, toes, and head which is exactly why wearing open toed shoes could possibly be the worst idea during the cold weather. Of course, there are those times where it is absolutely essential to wear those fashionable heels. Regardless, on a day to day basis make sure to wear warm closed toed shoes. Those boots will be your life savers.

DON’T wear heels: Things get icy really fast during these cold seasons! Don’t be a victim of falling flat on your face in the streets of New York City because you slipped on ice wearing high heels that you couldn’t walk in. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but prevent it before it happens. Choose your shoes wisely in the morning.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy!


3 thoughts on “Bundle Up! Fall/Winter Fashion Do’s & Don’ts by Mary

  1. All great advice. Might add one do to your list….Do wear a moisturizer with SPF. Winter sun can be glaring and just as harmful to your skin as it is in the summer! Cheers…h

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