Do’s and Don’ts of Fall Legs





By: Daisha Perez

It’s that time again Ladies! Say goodbye to bare legs and hello to bare trees. However, just because the cold is rolling in doesn’t mean you have to roll out the sweats. Here are a couple of Do’s and Don’ts for fall legs.

Do: Stray away from obnoxious, overprinted styles of leggings!

Do: Make use of bold, bright colors in skirts, blazers, and scarves.

Don’t: Sport Daisy Dukes with any sort of tights, leggings, or boots. Summer is Over! 

Do: Purchase black tights in an assortment of patterns. They are classic, chic, and very sexy!

Don’t: Wear shoes you can’t walk in. You want to be confident in your stance not wobbly. 


One thought on “Do’s and Don’ts of Fall Legs

  1. What do you think of the trend this season of animal printed jeans???? Believe it or not, I had a pair of animal print jeans way back (I was in my twenties). Just bought a new pair or skinny black jeans with a black animal print. Went with the trend but in a more subtle way (read: somewhat age appropriate)! Cheers…h

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