The Do’s And Don’t Of Fashion Styling by Christopher N

There are many that have a misconception on what fashion is. Many believe that the word fashion associates with the word expensive, and this is where society goes wrong. To give you a better understanding of what fashion is, my definition of the word would be everything. Fashion is all around us, you can find it in your home, garden, car, hair, nails, furniture, clothes and literally everything. Fashion is a way of life, its a lifestyle that someone paints. Fashion is like a painting, there are many works of art that can be considered art, you just have to find the pieces that will create a great piece personally. Create your home with your personality, don’t just buy things and put it in a home, find things that speak to you, and not what others want spoken. Fashion is something thats individual and thats done right. Whether if someone understands it or not, when everything around you is proportionately right and has meaning, you are a fashionable person.

Now this is where fashion styling comes in. Style does not have to be expensive, there are many people that have expensive clothes and do not put them together correctly. If you do not believe this statement, watch Fashion Police on E!, you wii find out that many celebrities make mistakes, like we all do. There are many that have outfits that did not cost basically anything but look like a million bucks. So DO feel confident on what you are wearing regardless of the price. DO what makes you feel happy, because when you are not happy it shows. This is a trick I like to tell people when picking out an outfit, DONT look in the mirror until your done getting ready. When you see yourself for the first time without glancing at every piece you try on, your eyes gets tired, so when you have everything on you eyes sees the full picture.

DONT buy counterfeit items. First of all these people selling are doing something unethical to the companies, you never know what unethical things they are doing to you. There are reports that say that in some counterfeit perfumes, they have found urine samples in it, and thats just one example. I understand that labels are nice to have, but the best thing is to have the actual label and not a fake because at the end of the day your lying to yourself and its not the real deal. DONT go broke buying clothes. Never go into any debt if you can not afford this habit, of course there are many things out there that we wish to have, but we cant have it all, and one day we can be at the level that we can have what we desire. DO look for inspiration. inspiration is the best, whether it looking at you favorite celeb or someone walking down the street, inspiration helps create something you want but in your own way. DO things in proportions. Proportions is the most important aspect that I believe, because when things have a balance everything fits together.

I hope you enjoyed this post of the DO and DONT of Fashion Styling. I hope my word inspired you all and that you come back and what new things I have to say. Now show the world your personal style.


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