The Do’s and Don’ts for the Fall Season by Geraldine Rivera

The Do’s for the Fall Season

1. Adding a bit of color to your dark outfit!


Everyone starts to wear more dark fall colors as the season change but don’t forget some of the great summer colors like red, yellow and blue. You don’t need to look like a rainbow but adding a colorful headband or colorful skirt like in the picture will create a nice fashion taste to your outfit!

2. Peacoats


Peacoats seem to always be in and essential during the fall. It’ll keep you warm and very fashion forward. The perfect colors for peacoats in the fall are black, beige/tan, red and navy. In other words, you can’t go wrong with peacoats.

3. Burgundy


Besides it being a beautiful color, this color along with wine colors and truffle colors are becoming more and more popular. I see this color everywhere!! Not only is it popular but it’s probably the perfect lipstick color, if you love dark lipsticks then burgundy/wine is the way to go!. It really gives a dakr vampire look.

The Don’t’s for the Fall Season



Ladies, Let’s at least stop this trend for the fall!! Not only can leggings show too much than we need to see. It’s not worth being freezing your butt off! These would probably be amazing to be comfortable in on a regular day but not to go out. Not sure if you ladies knew this but pants and jeans exist!

2. Sneaker Heels


Suddenly and currently became a trend which I’m not sure why. Maybe it’ll keep you feet warm in the fall but definitely not looking cute. But other than comment.

3. Mint and peach colors


These beautiful colors can possibly be worn to make fall outfits more fashionable. However, I don’t see it being worn as much as they did in the summer. But definitely something to bring back in the spring/summer!

By: Geraldine Rivera

*Photos are not mine*


2 thoughts on “The Do’s and Don’ts for the Fall Season by Geraldine Rivera

  1. I’m with you on the burgundy trend! Versatile color that goes with everything. The handbag I’m carrying now is burgundy/wine and it seems to work with black, grey, navy, brown, beige and green. Pretty neutral color!! Cheers…h

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