Transplanted Working Dude on a Budget

by Heidi

A great guy pal of mine is now in town from Los Angeles.  He’s shooting a new television series for a cable channel and he’s living here temporarily for the next few months.  He already has a house in Los Angeles that a pal of his from New York is staying at since he’s shooting in Los Angeles.  My pal Mitch is a single guy and a house swap with his mate isn’t possible as his mate is married with a kid.  So Mitch is here in NYC on somewhat of a budget coz it’s not easy to have homes in both Los Angeles and New York.

The writing office for Mitch’s series is located in Tribeca.  The production office is located in Brooklyn.  Mitch has sublet a furnished one bedroom apartment, complete with linens, kitchenware, wi-fi and a gym, in a brand new building on the water at the Seaport.  He has easy access to the subway so he can easily jockey between Brooklyn and Tribeca.

Mitch went to film school at NYU so he’s a die-hard NYC fan.  Whereas he’s made movies and television shows all over the world (South Africa, India, Europe, America, Canada, South America) he’s quite psyched about being back in NYC for a few months.

Mitch had a credit on an online dating site so he’s cranked his membership back up and is wine-ing and dining a few lucky ladies.  He’s doing most of his dinnering in Brooklyn as he’s found many more options to fit his pocketbook.  He tells me Williamsburg is teeming with fantastic frugal finds.

He’s reacquainting himself with his old stomping grounds and has taken advantage of the great weather to walk the city–top to tail.  Central Park, The Highline, Meatpacking district (which he remembers when it was just slaughterhouses down there) have all been on his path.

Mitch is an entertainment freak so he’s taking advantage of what’s on Broadway by buying discounted theater tickets.  Also, catching a movie before noon enables you to a $7.00 ticket versus $13.50.

It would be great if you have any more ideas for a transplanted working dude on a budget if you’d share them here.  Mitch is great fun to hang with and I’ll be sure to pass all ideas along when I see him next!  Thanks, in advance, on his behalf!


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