FInding Great Designer Shoes on a Budget! By Loredana

So it’s no big surprise when a girl says they love shoes. I for one have an extremely unhealthy obsession with shoes. I love them, but I can’t keep spending my paycheck on designer shoes that cost so much. Over the years I have shopped at many places for my shoes and although I love Macy’s and Lord and Taylor, sometimes they can be a bit pricey. I have found the perfect places to get amazing shoes without breaking my bank account and I am gong to share my top 3 shoe stops with you.


I LOVE Mandees! I used to shop there when I was younger because it was right by my house but now if I want a new pair of cute shoes that’s one of my to go stores. They have the cutest shoes for under $60. They sell designer shoes here as well such as Steve Madden, and I love Steve Madden so I know I will always find a pair at Mandees. I can never go in there and not find at least 5 pairs of shoes that I want to buy. They have a variety of shoes from flats to pumps to boots. The boots go a little higher in price but nothing that will go over your budget.


This may sound wierd but this place has the best designer shoes for a price that will blow your mind! I have bought Betsey Johnson shoes for $29.99 at a time and Steve Madden shoes that range from $19.99 to $39.99. Great right? I never would have believed it either if my cousin didn’t introduce me to the wonderful world of Burlington. Whenever I go to Burlington I always find a hot pair of shoes!


DSW is another great place to find designer shoes on a budget. The prices may be a little higher than Mandees or Burlington but still affordable. They have a variety of different shoes for men, women and kids of all ages. DSW is another store that I always find a hot, funky pair of shoes that I love. A pair of Marc Jacobs shoes were $35 when I went, so obviously i just had to get them. This place is so big you will NEVER leave empty handed. You will always find something you like!

Shoes so great people will think you spent a fortune! Shhh don’t worry I won’t tell!


2 thoughts on “FInding Great Designer Shoes on a Budget! By Loredana

  1. Have you tried some of the online shoe sites like Sole Society or Shoe Dazzle? Outlet stores are also a great resource. I just scored an extra pair of Nike sneakers for 29 bucks (originally $85). Wouldn’t it be great if the newly expanded shoe departments in Saks, Barneys, Bergdorf’s and Bloomies had outlets! Cheers…h

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