Holly’s How-To Accessorize on a Budget (What You Shouldn’t Be Paying For!!)


As a student in New York City, I’ve turned living on nickels and dimes into an art form. Though it is not a desired lifestyle, I tend to get crafty and make the best of my temporary (hopefully) situation. Young city dwellers such as myself are left with no option other than to acquire a “gift of thrift”, as I like to call it, to satiate our fashion hungers and turn thrift store treasures into something that appear richly substantial. Oftentimes I feel silly and cheated wasting so much money on trendy accessories that I do not necessarily want but sometimes feel like I need, like a turban headband or a waist belt. Here are my ideas for you to pinch the pennies where you can:

The Turban Headband

I am a total advocate of this trend. I knew I had to have one, but after shopping around, the styles that I loved were rounding out at $40 or $50 (and let’s be real, I’d rather be without a headband than toilet paper for a few weeks). So, along with everything else in my life, I had to improvise for this one. This was such an easy trend to replicate! I had a maxi skirt in my closet that I trip on every time I wear, so I cut off a few inches of fabric around the hem, then wrapped and twisted it around my head a few times. Ta da! Now I have a turban headband, a maxi skirt that I can actually walk in, AND toilet paper.

The Waist Belt

I can’t succumb to buying a decent waist belt because there are so many random outfits I put together, and I can’t quite figure out what size or color I should buy. Until I figure out what type of belt I will get the most use out of, I will continue to use whatever is around me to wrap around my waist. To be honest, I’ve used my “turban headband” as a waist belt a few times. But hey, I do what I got to do. I’ve also used handbag and backpack straps in lieu of a waist belt, which is what I threw together here. This “belt” is the messenger strap to a backpack that I never use.

This “gift of thrift” lifestyle has turned me into something of a DIY-er, I suppose. Clearly I have more ideas for females like myself to shuffle through life, but the message is the same for all: don’t overpay for frivolous trends that you can put together yourself from what you already have in your wardrobe. -Holly





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