No Halloweens to Remember by Mary

While all the other boys and girls in grade school went out to go trick-or-treating every Halloween with their friends and parents, I was the one loner that stayed home every year because my mom didn’t believe in Halloween. Now, like any 10 year old, I just wanted free candy and never got an explanation as to why I never got any. Kids would come in the next day with bags of candy for lunch and I would move along with my regular lunch meal because my Mommy dearest didn’t believe in Halloween. I went my whole life dreading October 31st every year because it meant a candy-free night.

As I got older, the holiday became less about candy and fun and more about “Slutty Nurses” and “Slutty Kittens”. Year after year, I would see girls from school dress up in these clothes (or lack thereof) just because Halloween is supposed to be the one day you could use as an excuse to dress up like a street walker and have it be okay. To be honest, I never understood that concept and still really don’t.

So now, every since my childhood memories allow me to remember, I’ve been pretty isolated from the whole idea of Halloween. I’ve been scarred for life thanks to my wonderful Mother neglecting me the right to get free candy as a child. Additionally, ridiculous costumes the girls I’ve grown up with will forever be engraved in my head as unneeded. So, if any of you have any desire to swing me the other way on this (what seems to be) crazy opinion of mine.. please do so. I’m ready to finally get into the Halloween spirit and have been for the 5 years. Let’s get this show on the road!

Happy Halloweenie!
x – Mary


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