Sandy Came to Town & Made Herself at Home by Mary

I’ll be honest, after the hype and lack of damage from Hurricane Irene last year, I completely underestimated the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Being an RA, the whole staff had to take precautions regardless of what was to come because the well being of all our residents had to be taken into consideration. I hadn’t taken things very seriously until Mayor Bloomberg had begun shutting down subways and buses. That’s when I knew things had to be taken seriously.

The rain started to pour down and the wind was getting faster and faster to point where the windows began to shake. School had already been canceled and people were getting anxious for what Sandy was about to bring our way. Little did we all know, the worst was yet to come. The morning of the storm, my roommate and I had begun to get bored after two days of being on lock down in the school’s Residence Hall. My roommate, Michelle, turned to be after a few hours on our laptops and suggested going down the East River to see what was coming over way.  Of course, being the skeptic that I am, I wasn’t so sure about the idea at first. But after a few minutes of turning the idea over in my head, I decided to go for it.

Michelle and I weren’t the only ones who had the bright idea of checking out the action by the river. People were trying to fly kites and fly themselves thanks to the heavy winds. We were amazed by how high the water was getting already. It was to the point where it was starting to spill over the fence onto the sidewalk. I’ve never seen anything like it. Sandy meant business compared to Irene and I made the mistake of underestimating it from the beginning. Michelle and I quickly made our way to our room in our soaked clothes before things began to get worse.

Not before long, New York City was in a state of emergency and things weren’t getting any better. Reports of all of downtown Manhattan losing power began to surface, unbelievable flooding took over the streets of the city and most of its subways, and to top things off, a crane had fallen off the top of a building in midtown and was dangling for all of the hurricane.

As if things in New York weren’t bad enough, everything that I know and love in New Jersey was being destroyed in Sandy’s wake. Thankfully, my family’s biggest problem was that they didn’t have power for about a week and a half. Gas shortages were nothing but an insane sight to see. As if seeing it on the news wasn’t scary enough, coming home to see it was even worse.

The Jersey Shore may be infamous for where I’m from but, to me, it is what I know and love. The boardwalk that I spend my summer every year will never be the same after Sandy tore it apart and left it in the middle of the ocean. While it’s surreal to see damage like this, so many families had lost their homes and everything that means the world to them. It’s devastating that so much of destruction caused so many broken hearts. Families have lost their homes, are cold, and don’t have food. People all over the nation are coming together to help those in need in this devastating time.

I feel so fortunate that my family has come out of this hurricane unharmed and only has had to worry about lack of power and gas shortages at home. But there are so many families that are desperate for help and could use anything that anyone is able to provide them with. In times like this, it is important to communicate with each other and work to be there for each other whether they are your family or strangers. At the end of the day, a little help goes a long way.

Stay safe, bloggers.

x – Mary


One thought on “Sandy Came to Town & Made Herself at Home by Mary

  1. It’s just gut wrenching to hear the stories and see the pictures. Glad you and your family are well. No doubt things will be restored, eventually, at the beach…you have all those lovely memories and will undoubtedly make new ones. Cheers…h

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