Hurricane Sandy: The Struggle by Geraldine Rivera

First of all, My prayers go out to those that lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy. For me, it didn’t affect me that much. I lost power here and there but it mainly was a vacation. It was pretty fun being able to relax from school and work. However, I know the struggle people must be going through since Hurricane has past. My mom and I decided to bake cupcakes and donate clothes to people at Long Beach because they had it bad! We baked like 100-something cupcakes. My mom is a pastry chef so it was easy baking all these cupcakes. Not only did we donate all those goodies but my mom got an owner of a peruvian restaurant to make all the recipes and help out too. 


It was nice helping out. I had my nice vacation but others didn’t so It was great to help out and do something good. I hope everyone is okay in NY. Bye 🙂


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