No Phones, No Internet, No Television, No Radio….No Way!!!?????

I was really lucky through the storm.  I live on the Upper East Side and was not affected in the least.  Alas, I was glued to the television watching the destruction and devastation and hurriedly texted and phoned friends in lower Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey to check in and make sure all were okay.  That was until all my lower Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey friends ran out of juice.

Fortunately, most of my friends fared okay in the damages department.  For the most part their impact was in the way of electricity, heat, water, gas, food and the like.  Several sustained water damage in the basements of their houses and or beach houses.  I had several refugees staying at my place and still have a Long Beach beau who has yet to get any power in his apartment building.  We traveled out there to help out many of his friends last Saturday and were just devastated by the looks of things.


But it’s my Los Angeles guy pal, who’s moved here temporarily to shoot a new TV series, that was definitely communications-challenged.  He’s moved into a new,  furnished high rise down at South Street Seaport.  My friend, Mitch, is a media-freak.  He’s a news junkie, a pop culture TV conn0isseur, a movie maven and an NPR follower.   His highrise was hit hard from the East River water and he lost all communications for days.    At some point he made it to a friend’s house in Brooklyn and sought food, shelter and electricity there.  But to top it all off, the production studio that they had booked to shoot the TV show (new show on FX starring Keri Russell.  Show called “The Americans.”  Launches in January), had been flooded by the Gowanus.  They had to bring in scientists to test the facility as apparently the Gowanus is contaminated.  Nightmare for Mitch!!  Production has been postponed for a few weeks and hopefully he’ll make his production schedule and airdates.  Certainly not the end of the world, though, compared to so many others far, far, far more unfortunate.
Give to the REDCROSS!  Donate food, clothing and or just your time.  Every little bit will surely help!!!



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