Post Sandy


My baby sister Mikayla, equipped with flashlights.

By Daisha Perez

Before the storm hit my home town of Elizabeth,NJ I thought nothing of it; just a hurricane Irene repeat. But boy was I wrong! The “Super-storm” tore through the Northeast taking whatever its high speed winds could pick up, this included landmarks like the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City. My fear of the storms power grew with the images of the aftermath. Being without electricity for about 7 days I was ready to pull my hair out; all I did was eat and sleep. However, in the midst of the darkness I found time to spend with the people I value the most, my family. It had been about a month since I had visit home and I didn’t realize how much I really missed them until we were all sitting in the same dark room. Without any electricity we were forced to give each other our full attention without the interruption of television or internet. I began to think about what people did with their spare time before technology. Whistle? Harvest Fruits? Chase their tails? I couldn’t name one thing that stood out to me or that was relevant in my time.

After about 3 days in the dark i packed up all my wireless technologies and hiked to a friends house to recharge. I could not last without the tools I’d become so accustom to using on a daily basis. but all good thing eventually come to an end including charged batteries. I  had to get out of my home town and back into the city of lights. A two hour bus wait in the cold, followed by a three hour bus ride into the city left me drained but I headed straight into work and made up for all the productivity lost post Sandy.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their homes to a hurricane. But to those without power, imagine being without power for more than a week. what is your contingency plan in the event that you have no access to everyday technologies? Natural disasters are unpredictable. Are you prepared?


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