Sandy and the City, Jersey Too by Christopher N


Hurricane Sandy was an unexpected surprise to the tri state area. Last year when Hurricane Irene came, she did not come through tough, she was joke. When Sandy was talked about, we assumed that she was related to Irene and we are New Yorkers, we can handle anything. But we were wrong, Sandy came and has affecting all of our lives by surprise.

During the storm, everyone in my neighborhood had locked themselves in their homes, I did not think much of it because I just felt wind, and the wind was not anything that I hadn’t felt before. I wondered why the exaggeration? as many stores were closed and roads were empty. As it became late in the night, the wind in my area picked up more and I noticed my fence in my backyard was bent down. I could not believe was I saw, so I pushed the fence up and luckily it was saved. Nothing happened to my home, but I saw others fences down also, but nothing that could not be fixed. I then watched Mayor Michael Bloomberg speak on the news, and I said nothing is happening. I was still not convinced that it was going to be a bad storm.

The next day, when news of what was going on in all areas was shown, I was in shock, and I felt so thankful that my area was not hit and that my family was safe. My heart was broken as I heard deaths and lost homes. It gave me a greater appreciation of my life and life in itself because one day everything is great, and the next day it can be turned upside down.

The tri state area had been slowed down, which is major because this is one of the most productive cities in America, so if we are slow, then the world is slow. People on line for gas for hours, supermarkets empty, black outs, it was if the world was starting to end. These sights made the community and the world down, it did not feel like usual.

My only troubles was days after the storm, Con Edison decided to turn my neighborhoods lights off for a few days. Luckily we had hot water, but the home was cold and boring, because all you could do is lay in bed and sleep; everyones sleeping schedule was off. But off course I could not complain because many were left homeless, lost valuable things, and lost their lives.

I hope everyone can get the help that they need, and that the world comes together to do this. Many media outlets have promoted to help, many celebrities have given back, and many people have donated and helped too. We must continue and I hope everyone can be saved from their troubles and that they continue to be safe. God Bless.


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