The Wrath of Hurricane Sandy by Loredana

When hearing that we were going to get another hurricane i thought, last year we had one and it wasnt bad at all — No need to worry! Boy was I wrong! Monday night my parents and my three brothers and I went about doing what we normally do. Who is watching tv in their rooms, who was playing playstation and who was on the computer. After hearing over and over from my dad not to stand too close to me window (which is impossible by the way considering my bed is right next to it), because with the wind the tree outside might fall, I just decided to stay out of room completely. Not long after that, the tree fell… on my neightbors house. Luckily nothing broke even thought it looked like the tree did some damage. Ten minutes after water in the street slowly started to rise. One minute it was below the sidewalk the next it above it! Having many hands in the house we rushed to take upstairs as much as we could – mostly the important things, before the lights went out. We did not know that it was going to be as bad as it was so putting the furniture on weights did absolutely nothing!







Our couches, our treadmille, our fishtank, our desk, our washer and dryer – everything was garbage. My brother’s room is also on the first floor so he currently has no bedroom. Every item in his room was destroyed except for his clothes which he managed to oull out of his drawers in time before the water got too high. Some things in our garage that we thought putting on a higher shelf would help, but it didn’t. My dad’s accordian from when he was younger (which he pulled out in front of my friends time to time — very embarassing) was no longer working, but we decided to keep it anyway since it was a memory of his from so long ago. We thre away many things, new and old, and even though we cried we were thankful that we still had a home in one piece and more importantly our lives.







So since Hurricane Sandy hit me, my brothers and my cousins have all been staying at my grandparents’ house. Not only is it crazy and hectic, but it is also extremely boring. 8 of us, 2 bathrooms, 2 tv’s (with at most 6 channels), 3 beds and a whole lot of screaming. Needless to say I can’t wait to be back in my own house! I hope we never see anything like this again!

Be safe!


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