London Calling by Mary

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, when I have the money to afford it. While beaches and sunbathing aren’t exactly my favorite things to do, I love my fair share of sight seeing. I would much rather walk around and take photos of landmarks than lay around on a towel, burning to a crisp.

I will always be a city girl at heart and I don’t think that will ever change. Before my aunt (the sister I never had) got married and started her family, she and I used to go to California every year and just do something extravagant that most tourists don’t do when they visit. One year we somehow managed to get tickets and go to the Teen Choice Awards at Universal Studios, another year I dragged her out to Disneyland for the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiere to wait for Johnny Depp for 16 hours (that’s not an exaggeration), and then the fun ended a few years ago when we went to see Dane Cook at the Laugh Factory shortly after I launched my fan site for him.

A few summers ago, to make up for lost time, I signed up to travel all the famous cities in Europe. It was one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had the opportunity to encounter. It was love at first sight on our first stop in London. Absolutely everything about this city had me falling in love with every step I took. Something about it is just magical. The phone booths, the accents, the Queen.. really though, what’s not to love?

But our romance was short lived when we had to make our way to our next stop in Paris after only 2 days in the wonderful city of London. I sincerely contemplated hiding way in a telephone booth to stay, hoping no one would notice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an option.

Everyday since then, I’ve been so anxious to return to what might just be my favorite city in the world, not far after New York City. Every time I come so close, yet so far away. I’ve come to terms with the fact that as long as I’m a broke student living in Manhattan, splurges on spontaneous vacations are virtually nonexistent. At this point, my fingers are tightly crossed in high hopes of studying abroad with LIM for next Spring for my Junior year of college. It would be nothing short of being my life dream. But, until then, that’s all it can really be for now… just a dream.

In the mean time, keeping those fingers crossed for me, bloggers…
…because London is still calling me.

– x Mary –


One thought on “London Calling by Mary

  1. “England swings, like a pendulum do.” Not sure what song that’s from but it’s so true!! LOVED living in London and I know you will too!!! Go for it with a semester abroad next year!! Best experience I’ve had was living and working there. LOVED! cheers…h

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