Emma Watson and Burberry by Loredana









Being a die hard Harry Potter fan (I know, I’m a nerd) i absolutely adore Emma Watson. Having watched every move from when it was first made I always thought she was wonderful. Years later and i still believe that! She is so beautiful and has grown up and made a name for herself apart from the Harry Potter films. She is so classy and elegant for such a young woman and is such an icon.

A brand that I absolutely love is Burberry, which uses Emma Watson as their celebrity endorser. Being someone who absolutely loves both Emma Watson and Burberry i believe this is a perfect match! The brand is British, along with Emma which is one of the reasons this is a perfect match. Burberry sticks to their roots and their imagine by using everything British. Using Emma as a celebrity endorser is perfect because she is stylish, chic, classy and elegant — all things that represent the Burberry brand, and she look absolutely stunning in the ads!

It is important for a brand to choose the right person to represent them. They must choose someone who has credibility and will show off the brand in the right way — a positive way. Emma Watson is a model celebrity. She has never done anything wrong that would give her bad press and this is the exact type of person brands needs. They want someone who has a positive imagine and consistent good behavior.

Celebrity endorsers are also supposed to make the brand enhance the look of the brand, without over shadowing the brand. They help sell a fairytale  and gives a brand extra edge and attention. I know that when I look at the Burberry ads with Emma Watson, I just want to be her and be in her position! She does such a great job for the brand and makes people want to buy Burberry!

Love Burberry and love Emma!!!!


One thought on “Emma Watson and Burberry by Loredana

  1. Perfect example of an ideal collaboration!! She does, indeed, represent all things British and is a perfect match for the iconic British brand, Burberry. Great choice!! Cheers…h

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