A Fun Vacation With Christopher N


There are many wonderful countries around the world, Italy, France, ect. but what makes me the happiest is going back to my family routes, Dominican Republic. Many people dream to go to the beaches there, but its my second home and where I feel at ease. New York City can be damn hectic, to many people all over the place, the hustle and bustle, that sounds nice for about 2 months, but you need to sit back and see nature.

When I go to Dominican Republic I am surrounded by family, and I have a big family. When I am in New York, I am not around family because they all live in Dominican Republic. Growing up since I was one month old, I traveled 2 to 3 times a year to go visit. Summers were spend at our beach house, the family will come over and stay for a few days, all the cousins got together and it was time to do what kids do best play. We will be in the pool or jacuzzi all day, run around the yard inventing games, or we will  open the backyard door and be on the beach boogie boarding, those were the times. After we got tired of being in the water, I will go to my cousins houses in other cities, and then me and my mom, dad, sister, brother and grandma, sometimes cousins will go around the country and visit hotels.

When we go to hotels it was great, I had to do nothing, but enjoy my surroundings, but the thing that brings me in, is drinking a virgin pina colada. The hotels has unlimited pina coladas, well at least most of them, and anytime I go back, I must have one. Going to different hotels, I met many other kids from other countries that were on vacations, it was interesting meeting people from around the world at a young age. Of course I didnt think that then, we just played, but now pondering I guess its cool.


But today its different, college came, internships, and scheduling has been difficult to go back. I recently went back this summer and I had a blast, because I hadn’t been back since I graduated from High School. But when I came back it felt like how I always felt, at ease. The beaches are therapeutic, some areas of the country have clear blue waters, others more darker but with waves, which makes things more fun. Give me a jet ski and a pina colada and we have ourselves the best time in the world. Well a few “beverages” and family and laughter is the best rehad from New York.

Surrounding yourself with what really matters clears the mind, New York you always wanting something. If my parents ask me “Where do you want to go this summer” I will always say Dominican Republic. There nothing more that I would like to do but spend time with family. Of course I would love to visit other countries but I’ve been to the top cities I’ve wanted to go and Im happy with that, maybe some other time. 

If you have visit the country, I hope you enjoyed it and if you haven’t, then you must go, its a 3 hour flight of heaven, but find a good hotel though. So this has been fun sharing about myself.



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