Fiji Is Where I Wanna Be! By Loredana










What I would love more than anything is this world is to be in paradise, relaxing, laying on the beach, taking in the sun and swimming in the crystal clear water of Fiji! I’ve always had a fascination with Fiji since the first time I had heard about it. It just seems like such a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing place to be and this site is not something you can get everywhere! It seems like such a different experience than the ones we have in the states, I mean, look at the place! Who wouldn’t want to go?!

Just looking at pictures I am in awe that a place like this can exist. It looks so flawless and perfect!  If I were to go I would be nothing but smiles all day. The palm trees and the clear water and the amazing scenery makes this place look so appealing. I also see it as a place that you can go to with your girlfriends, or with your family, or even on your honeymoon. It is just such an amazing site for me to see and I am in love with it already! I get so excited when I see these pictures and hope that one day my dream will come true and I will be on the beautiful island of Fiji with some great people that I love sharing the experience with me!


One thought on “Fiji Is Where I Wanna Be! By Loredana

  1. I share your desire to be swept off to this glorious looking island!!! Adding it to my “must see” list! Boy is that list ever long!! Hope we both get there soon! Cheers..h

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