Maldives Islands!


My ideal vacation involves relaxing, pampering, and simplicity. I love researching exotic destinations I’d hope to travel to someday and I’ve decided that my dream vacation would be an escape to the Maldive Islands. The Maldives Archipelago is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and would make for the trip of a lifetime. I’ve never seen more enchanting resorts and beautiful colors than in the photos of Maldives. It is the embodiment of fantasy, the opposite of a city, a suburb, and reality as I know it. 


I wish I knew someone who has visited here because I imagine the experience is like nothing else. It is a popular location for newlyweds on their honeymoon and scuba divers who venture to the Southern Atolls. I would love to dive in these cobalt blue waters! I would also be more than okay with getting massages and doing yoga all day. I have a feeling that if I do ever get there it’ll be a struggle to get me to leave.




One thought on “Maldives Islands!

  1. I’ve been to the Indian Ocean (glorious) but never to the Maldives. I share your interest in wanting to get there!!! Would be amazing!!!! Cheers…h

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