A Very Jewish Christmas by Mary

I’ve always loved the holiday cheer, especially in New York, even though I barely even celebrate Hanukkah. I’ve also never really asked for much for the holidays because most of the time I can’t really afford to gift anything back! All my Christmas’ have been spent as the token Jew sitting at the table at various friend’s houses over the years. So, it’s always been a very Jewish Christmas for me. But, if I really had to make a holiday gift wish list it would include the following:

1. iPad – I really just want to join in the hype, I feel like I’m the only one left

2. A lifetime supply of Ticketmaster gift cards – I can never afford all the tickets that I want to get to see all these concerts, so some gift cards to Ticketmaster would be pretty awesome.

3. The Wanted – ..with a bow & ribbon. I mean, this one doesn’t really need explanation. I just want them for the holidays.

4. A NYC Apartment – I mean who doesn’t want one? What better time to ask for one than for the holidays? Preferably a brownstone, but I’m not picky.

Happy Holidays, bloggers!

x – Mary


One thought on “A Very Jewish Christmas by Mary

  1. Scratch that Lilo’s eyes out for the nite out with that cutie from “The Wanted.” Heard she was “catting” around with him. Think you could take her and mega impress him with your smarts as well as your feminine wiles!!! Here’s hoping you’ll get all that you want, AND MORE! Hope you’ll be eating latkes on Saturday eve. Best for happy, healthy hols…..Cheers…h

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