My Christmas Wish List By Christopher N

This time of the year it is very difficult to know what exactly I want for Christmas because Im very happy with the gifts I’ve received through out the year,

This year AGAIN I have no idea what I would like to ask for. If I would like something, it would be two things.


1.Christmas Vacation to Dominican Republic

This would be the best present to have, I would be surrounded by my family during the holidays, I would be under the hot sun, and it would be the greatest to get the hell of New York for awhile. As the semester is ending, its now time to relax, and as winter is coming in, its time for me to go out and miss this part of NYC weather. Winter is not my favorite season so I would love to miss as much as possible. As the semester is ending, I would like to relax right after Christmas and come back right before Senior Co-op. This would be the best present because I do not know when I will go back to Dominican Republic because who know if I get hired over the summer. 


2. Louis Vuitton Wilshire richelieu Spring/Summer 2013

I do have an obsession with LV so it wouldn’t be shocking to want this for X-Mas. These shoes are really nice; I like the color and the details and style. The would look great for winter and they look great for spring; I love items that can be used all year round. THESE SHOES ARE BAD ASS!!!!!! They would make me really hapy to them under the tree. 

  So if I were to receive either one or both, it would be a great holiday.

But again, I really do not know what I would like, Im happy with whatever I get, I just want to relax during the break, and thats the best gift I could receive NO SCHOOL, QUIZES, EXAMS, PROJECTS, HOMEWORK and NO COMMUTE .



One thought on “My Christmas Wish List By Christopher N

  1. LOVE the green and red type in your post! How Christmas-y of you to blog in those typeface colors!!! And, LOVE the LV shoes that are on your wish list. Fingers crossed they find their way to you. They are, indeed, BAD ASS! Cheers…h

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