Santa Can You Hear Me? By Loredana

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday because I get to decorate with my mom and spend time with my family… and the gifts are too bad either! 😉 I usually don’t put alot pf things on my christmas list, especially big things, but hey – I just turned 21 last month and I think that deserves some special gifts!


What I want most, and have been wanting for as long as I can remember, is my very first pair of RED BOTTOMS!!! Yep, I would love to see those Loubis under my Christmas tree! They are just so fabulous and sexy and I feel that every girl should splurge and have at least a pair. They are so beautiful and you know you are going to feel so confident walking in them. No shoe will ever compair to Christian Louboutins and I can’t wait to own a pair of these babies! One day it will happen, I just know it!




Second on my Christmas list is a Mac Book Pro. Apple has been the most popular and trustworthy company for electronics since forever and it seems that everyone is up to date except for me. While everyone has their Mac Books I’m stuck with a Dell laptop that does not work very well. I have had it for 4 years and I think it’s time for an upgrade. Not only have I heard that there is so much more to do on a Mac and that the quality is better, but I also heard that the softare for antivirus is amazing which is exactly what I need since I am constantly on the phone with Dell customer service trying to get rid of a virus. This would be so great for me to have and alot easier too!


Lastly, I would like a ticket to the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball. Two years ago for Christmas I was surprised with 3 tickets to the Lady Gaga Monster Ball. The whole time we were opening gifts Lady Gaga was playing in the background. Yeah, I thought it was weird too, and then I put it all together. Not only did I jump up and down but I also cried and my uncle got it all on video! It was the best Christmas ever. If I got a ticket to the Born This Way Ball I will probably do exactly the same thing I did two years ago 🙂 It would complete this Christmas and make me so happy!

As you can see, I went cheap this year! 😉 These are just somethings I have on my Christmas wishlist, but it won’t matter what I get as long as I get to spend time with my family!

Happy Holidays!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Santa Can You Hear Me? By Loredana

  1. I must say your post had me more excited for Christmas. Hopefully you get those Red bottoms because that is the ultimate gift to receive. -Fantasia

  2. i have one pair of red bottoms and i ware them sparingly so as to not ever ever ever ruin them. hoping you find that and the rest of your list under the tree! (btw–mac does a student discount!!! ‘just sayin! might want to pass that along to santa! cheers…h
    (i went to the gaga monster ball concert as well—the best!!!!!

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