To: santa From: holly

Dear Santa,

No matter what I do to make potentially positive changes in my life, I cannot seem to shake free from this black storm cloud above my head that follows me everywhere I go! Each year becomes more and more difficult than the last, though from the outside it appears I’ve got my shit together for a 20 year old: full time student, intern, part time job holder, rent-paying apartment inhibiter; I’m a hard worker, Santa! So let me have something for once. I’m materialistic but also responsible, so I feel zero guilt for the few gifts I am asking for this year because they are (somewhat) necessities. I’ll keep it real for you, Santa. Here it goes:

I’m trying to build my archive of furniture for when I graduate, get a rocking job, and move into my own cozy apartment sans roommates. I’m really liking this ‘Furlicious’ line from PB and I can picture this lounger hanging out in my bedroom. I want it!

I’m a Southpark fan with a strong interest in fashion (of course) so my favorite episode of the show is where Marc Jacobs has a cameo as a doll! This is a replica of the doll, ‘Muscle Man Marc’, that is sold by Marc Jacobs and I want it!

That’s really it. But also, feel free to stuff my stocking with cash like its a money bag. I’ll leave you some extra cookies.