Love Adventure

By Daisha Perez

Imagine a never ending vacation taking place in extraordinary locations  from the United States to Japan with your perfect mate and unlimited funds.

This fantasy vacation may  sound too good to be true but this is my idea of the greatest adventure and that is the adventure of love.

This vacation is ideal because it will be full of  intimacy, discovery, compassion, trial, understanding, and exploration.  There is no point to such a life changing experiences without being able to share it with that special someone who you plan to spend the rest of your life with. The perfect fantasy vacation is a getaway from reality where you and your lover can become one, migrating from continent to continent in search of beauty, culture, and love in earth crevice. With that one person by your side you need nothing else but to fall in love over and over again in a different place, at a different time everyday. Take pictures with the pyramids of Egypt, eat spaghetti in Rome, share a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower, relax on the beaches of Puerto Rico, Shop the streets of Tokyo, sight see in the Outbacks of Australia, and discover the creatures that inhabit the African Safari. Each night you would make love to the sounds of your surrounding culture and reflect on our daily activities; the people you met, the foods you ate, the things you saw.  The perfect setting for the greatest love story never told. I hope to one day travel with my soul mate (if I ever find him) to every destination on earth and share moments that only he and I will recall. Home is where the heart is and as long as I am with my love, I will be home.


Send me to Greece please! By Geraldine Rivera



Mykonos beaches draw people from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful sand, surf and exhilarating views of the sea. Which is why if I had a chance to vacation anywhere, it would definitely be here. Its a popular place in Greece because theres a lot of tourist attraction. The nightlife and the activities the place has is insanely amazing (so I’ve heard!) If I went, i would enjoy all of its incredible ruins from antiquity and other points of historic and cultural interest, but also a vast array of restaurants, cafes, bars, and places to enjoy shopping and entertainment.

Visiting other countries is just a great opportunity. I feel as though everyone that isn’t from U.S. is naturally beautifuL. Well not everyone! I want to explore Greece so bad. It’s practically a dream. But of course, I’m broke!!! So hopefully someday!

I’m not a big fan of beaches or pools. But Greece really makes me just want to dive in. The beaches are so blue! and clear. It’s not dirty! like in NY….

Anyways, that’s my dream vacation. Someday I will go! But for now, a girl could only dream.