A Fun Vacation With Christopher N


There are many wonderful countries around the world, Italy, France, ect. but what makes me the happiest is going back to my family routes, Dominican Republic. Many people dream to go to the beaches there, but its my second home and where I feel at ease. New York City can be damn hectic, to many people all over the place, the hustle and bustle, that sounds nice for about 2 months, but you need to sit back and see nature.

When I go to Dominican Republic I am surrounded by family, and I have a big family. When I am in New York, I am not around family because they all live in Dominican Republic. Growing up since I was one month old, I traveled 2 to 3 times a year to go visit. Summers were spend at our beach house, the family will come over and stay for a few days, all the cousins got together and it was time to do what kids do best play. We will be in the pool or jacuzzi all day, run around the yard inventing games, or we will  open the backyard door and be on the beach boogie boarding, those were the times. After we got tired of being in the water, I will go to my cousins houses in other cities, and then me and my mom, dad, sister, brother and grandma, sometimes cousins will go around the country and visit hotels.

When we go to hotels it was great, I had to do nothing, but enjoy my surroundings, but the thing that brings me in, is drinking a virgin pina colada. The hotels has unlimited pina coladas, well at least most of them, and anytime I go back, I must have one. Going to different hotels, I met many other kids from other countries that were on vacations, it was interesting meeting people from around the world at a young age. Of course I didnt think that then, we just played, but now pondering I guess its cool.


But today its different, college came, internships, and scheduling has been difficult to go back. I recently went back this summer and I had a blast, because I hadn’t been back since I graduated from High School. But when I came back it felt like how I always felt, at ease. The beaches are therapeutic, some areas of the country have clear blue waters, others more darker but with waves, which makes things more fun. Give me a jet ski and a pina colada and we have ourselves the best time in the world. Well a few “beverages” and family and laughter is the best rehad from New York.

Surrounding yourself with what really matters clears the mind, New York you always wanting something. If my parents ask me “Where do you want to go this summer” I will always say Dominican Republic. There nothing more that I would like to do but spend time with family. Of course I would love to visit other countries but I’ve been to the top cities I’ve wanted to go and Im happy with that, maybe some other time. 

If you have visit the country, I hope you enjoyed it and if you haven’t, then you must go, its a 3 hour flight of heaven, but find a good hotel though. So this has been fun sharing about myself.




by Heidi

Wanderlust is defined by an impulse to move around aimlessly and without a fixed course or goal.  Wanderlust should be my middle name!

I’m not a planner.  And I’ve been most fortunate over the last ten years or so to be able to just pick up and go!  Expense and homeland security has all but rendered that nearly impossible but I look back fondly on the memories I have from being truly free and able to move about the world with nary a care.

When I lived in London often I’d go to the airport on Friday afternoon and see what the next flight would be to a European city I had a hankering to go to for the weekend.  Paris, Rome, Lisbon, Majorca, Barcelona, Prague, Geneva, Chamonix, the Italian Dolomites  and Mageve to ski–you name it, I did it.

I’ve galavanted around Africa several times with a “if it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium” kind of attitude.  Boot camp training on the coast of Kenya, meeting friends in Nairobi,  safari in Botswana, Zambia and Namibia, white water rafting on the Zambezi river, exploring Soweto in Johannasburg, hiking Table Mountain and drinking wine in South Africa, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and running off for a “dirty weekend” in Zanzibar!

Other jaunts include hiking and biking mountains and volcanoes in Patagonia, Argentina and Chile (and watching Tango in Buenos Aires).  An illicit rendezvous in Rio, then helicoptering to an island and hiking and kayaking off the coast of Brazil; hiking and biking in India, Croatia, Northern France, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada,  New Zealand,  Israel, Sweden, Norway, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand, Japan and Italy. Last year this time I was in Russia of all places!   Oh and the food, the wine, the music, the shopping and the men!!!!  And the sights, sounds, smells along the way.  All fantastic adventures!

Only wish I was headed to Vietnam and Cambodia this holiday season.  And or Australia.  China, Uruguay also on the list of places I’ve yet to get to.  Looking forward to adding them to the list—hopefully, soon!!!

Bon voyage!  Cheers…heidi

Send me to Greece please! By Geraldine Rivera



Mykonos beaches draw people from all over the world to enjoy the beautiful sand, surf and exhilarating views of the sea. Which is why if I had a chance to vacation anywhere, it would definitely be here. Its a popular place in Greece because theres a lot of tourist attraction. The nightlife and the activities the place has is insanely amazing (so I’ve heard!) If I went, i would enjoy all of its incredible ruins from antiquity and other points of historic and cultural interest, but also a vast array of restaurants, cafes, bars, and places to enjoy shopping and entertainment.

Visiting other countries is just a great opportunity. I feel as though everyone that isn’t from U.S. is naturally beautifuL. Well not everyone! I want to explore Greece so bad. It’s practically a dream. But of course, I’m broke!!! So hopefully someday!

I’m not a big fan of beaches or pools. But Greece really makes me just want to dive in. The beaches are so blue! and clear. It’s not dirty! like in NY….

Anyways, that’s my dream vacation. Someday I will go! But for now, a girl could only dream.


London Calling by Mary

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, when I have the money to afford it. While beaches and sunbathing aren’t exactly my favorite things to do, I love my fair share of sight seeing. I would much rather walk around and take photos of landmarks than lay around on a towel, burning to a crisp.

I will always be a city girl at heart and I don’t think that will ever change. Before my aunt (the sister I never had) got married and started her family, she and I used to go to California every year and just do something extravagant that most tourists don’t do when they visit. One year we somehow managed to get tickets and go to the Teen Choice Awards at Universal Studios, another year I dragged her out to Disneyland for the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiere to wait for Johnny Depp for 16 hours (that’s not an exaggeration), and then the fun ended a few years ago when we went to see Dane Cook at the Laugh Factory shortly after I launched my fan site for him.

A few summers ago, to make up for lost time, I signed up to travel all the famous cities in Europe. It was one of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had the opportunity to encounter. It was love at first sight on our first stop in London. Absolutely everything about this city had me falling in love with every step I took. Something about it is just magical. The phone booths, the accents, the Queen.. really though, what’s not to love?

But our romance was short lived when we had to make our way to our next stop in Paris after only 2 days in the wonderful city of London. I sincerely contemplated hiding way in a telephone booth to stay, hoping no one would notice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an option.

Everyday since then, I’ve been so anxious to return to what might just be my favorite city in the world, not far after New York City. Every time I come so close, yet so far away. I’ve come to terms with the fact that as long as I’m a broke student living in Manhattan, splurges on spontaneous vacations are virtually nonexistent. At this point, my fingers are tightly crossed in high hopes of studying abroad with LIM for next Spring for my Junior year of college. It would be nothing short of being my life dream. But, until then, that’s all it can really be for now… just a dream.

In the mean time, keeping those fingers crossed for me, bloggers…
…because London is still calling me.

– x Mary –

Emma Watson and Burberry by Loredana









Being a die hard Harry Potter fan (I know, I’m a nerd) i absolutely adore Emma Watson. Having watched every move from when it was first made I always thought she was wonderful. Years later and i still believe that! She is so beautiful and has grown up and made a name for herself apart from the Harry Potter films. She is so classy and elegant for such a young woman and is such an icon.

A brand that I absolutely love is Burberry, which uses Emma Watson as their celebrity endorser. Being someone who absolutely loves both Emma Watson and Burberry i believe this is a perfect match! The brand is British, along with Emma which is one of the reasons this is a perfect match. Burberry sticks to their roots and their imagine by using everything British. Using Emma as a celebrity endorser is perfect because she is stylish, chic, classy and elegant — all things that represent the Burberry brand, and she look absolutely stunning in the ads!

It is important for a brand to choose the right person to represent them. They must choose someone who has credibility and will show off the brand in the right way — a positive way. Emma Watson is a model celebrity. She has never done anything wrong that would give her bad press and this is the exact type of person brands needs. They want someone who has a positive imagine and consistent good behavior.

Celebrity endorsers are also supposed to make the brand enhance the look of the brand, without over shadowing the brand. They help sell a fairytale  and gives a brand extra edge and attention. I know that when I look at the Burberry ads with Emma Watson, I just want to be her and be in her position! She does such a great job for the brand and makes people want to buy Burberry!

Love Burberry and love Emma!!!!

Kristen Stewart & Balenciaga by Christopher N


This celebrity endorsement in my opinion is GENIUS. Why do I think this? because these two fit perfectly.

Kristen Stewart as we all know is edgy, and her style screams edgy. She is a bit awkward when she speaks to the media, which gives her this mystic about her. Balenciaga on the other hand is very edgy, hints of roughness, feminine, and unique.

I wonder why Balenciaga choose her, could it be that the final film of Twilight was being released? could it be that she has a large tween following? is it her style? I would say YES to all of these questions.

Kristen Stewart is the face of Balenciaga’s Florabotanica perfume. The reason why I think these two together are GENIUS because perfume is a money maker for companies and why not put Kristen Stewart. She has a huge tween audience to buy this perfume which doesn’t cost much compare to other Balenciaga products and this would create “the dream” to purchase more Balenciaga in the future. Also it creates buzz for the world to hear about the brand even more. In addition, Kristen Stewart needs the media to discuss something else other than her scandal and she needs a fashion brand behind her. Once you have a fashion brand behind you, your career would pave its way more smoothly.

In regards to her scandal, I believe this did not hurt Balenciaga because it seems that the world has forgiven her, and she seems to be a peace with herself as she looked radiant at the premier of the last installment of Twilight.

 Take a look yourself


Mila Kunis & Dior- By Fantasia


Mila Kunis’ Miss Dior Fall 2012

This celebrity endorsement is by far the hottest one for 2012! In a perfectly puffed bob and Parisian-chic Dior ensemble, Mila Kunis strikes a diva pose and gives her elegant poses for the Fall 2012 Dior campaign. We all know her as the flighty, funny-bone-tickling Jackie on That ’70s Showand the sex craze friend from the movie Friends and Benefits Even though Mila Kunis is practically exploding month by month with her career, she still keeps her charm and fierceness.

As the face of Miss Dior, Mila Kunis attracts the flash of a camera like a magnet. The campaign included a series of photographs and a video inspired by 1950s Hollywood glamour. I must say Mila Kunis did an amazing job in this campaign. Her look is timeless and elegant. The black and white shots not only defines the essence of Hollywood glamour but captures the beauty of both Dior and Kunis.

Her large brown eyes, fresh-look makeup, and sky-high heels capture both an innocence and high fashion aesthetic that is extremely compelling.

Below is the video of the Mila Kunis’ Miss Dior Fall 2012 Ad Campaign:

Mila Kunis’ Miss Dior Fall 2012

Mila Kunis' Miss Dior Fall 2012 Ad CampaignMila Kunis' Miss Dior Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

“Mila Kunis is the essence of the House of Dior.”

BY: Fantasia Hunt

Scarlett Johansson and Dolce & Gabbana by Geraldine Rivera


Harper’s Bazaar, Oct 2012
Scarlett Johansson is probably the most sexiest woman ever!! I think she’s a perfect fit for Dolce & Gabbana. Aside from being beautiful, she’s not a celebrity mess. She possesses so much elegance and at times edgy. She signed with Dolce & Gabbana in 2009 as a Makeup and Fragrances spokesmodel.
Allure, Oct 2010
Allure, Nov 2010
She’s been the spokesmodel for the brand for so long and there’s has been no reason at all to drop her. It’ll be stupid to do that! I love the look of all the ads she has featured in. The theme of the ad and the fashion goes with her personality and it goes with the brand which is a win-win. I would buy any perfume she’s featured in. Wouldn’t you?!?

The very handsome & the very awkward Brad Pitt by Mary

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know we all love and adore the very wonderful Brad Pitt. We also love associating A-List celebrities with some of our favorite brands. But sometimes the celebrity and the brand just don’t go over so well together. In this case, I’m talking about Brad Pitt and his recent campaign with Chanel No. 5.

Over the course of the years, countless faces have been associated with this Chanel No. 5 and consumers are still constantly buying it. Regardless of the classic smell, the person selling the product should sometimes be more than just a pretty face. Brad Pitt is a sight for sore eyes, that’s for sure, but the less awkward the better. This campaign steered clear from anything but awkwardness. The elegance of the ad is, of course, evident. But truth be told, the cringe worthy concept seems to outweigh everything else.

Look for yourself. At the end of the day, everyone is their own judge. So, you be the judge. Awkward or not?

x – Mary

The Wrath of Hurricane Sandy by Loredana

When hearing that we were going to get another hurricane i thought, last year we had one and it wasnt bad at all — No need to worry! Boy was I wrong! Monday night my parents and my three brothers and I went about doing what we normally do. Who is watching tv in their rooms, who was playing playstation and who was on the computer. After hearing over and over from my dad not to stand too close to me window (which is impossible by the way considering my bed is right next to it), because with the wind the tree outside might fall, I just decided to stay out of room completely. Not long after that, the tree fell… on my neightbors house. Luckily nothing broke even thought it looked like the tree did some damage. Ten minutes after water in the street slowly started to rise. One minute it was below the sidewalk the next it above it! Having many hands in the house we rushed to take upstairs as much as we could – mostly the important things, before the lights went out. We did not know that it was going to be as bad as it was so putting the furniture on weights did absolutely nothing!







Our couches, our treadmille, our fishtank, our desk, our washer and dryer – everything was garbage. My brother’s room is also on the first floor so he currently has no bedroom. Every item in his room was destroyed except for his clothes which he managed to oull out of his drawers in time before the water got too high. Some things in our garage that we thought putting on a higher shelf would help, but it didn’t. My dad’s accordian from when he was younger (which he pulled out in front of my friends time to time — very embarassing) was no longer working, but we decided to keep it anyway since it was a memory of his from so long ago. We thre away many things, new and old, and even though we cried we were thankful that we still had a home in one piece and more importantly our lives.







So since Hurricane Sandy hit me, my brothers and my cousins have all been staying at my grandparents’ house. Not only is it crazy and hectic, but it is also extremely boring. 8 of us, 2 bathrooms, 2 tv’s (with at most 6 channels), 3 beds and a whole lot of screaming. Needless to say I can’t wait to be back in my own house! I hope we never see anything like this again!

Be safe!