5 Fun things to do in NYC on a Budget by Geraldine Rivera

 So it’s true, you don’t need to be rich to have tons of fun in NYC. I always worried about not having any fun if I’m always working and in school but not only did I worry about not having a social life. I also worried about money! But then again, EVERYONE WORRIES ABOUT MONEY! It’s normal. And if you’re looking to have fun and still be on your budget then don’t stop reading! Here are the 5 best advice I can give to you.


1Free Kayaking in Chelsea, Pier 40

 Pier 40 offers walk up kayaking every weekend and holiday from 9AM until 6PM with the last boat going out at 5:30, and Thursday evenings from 5PM-7PM with the last boat going out at 6:30PM. Pier 40 offers has lockers, a changing room and shower and hose to rinse off with. Very fun to do with your family or friends. Also, it’s free! What more can you ask for.


2. High-line Park and Chelsea Art Galleries 

The High Line runs through three of Manhattan’s most dynamic neighborhoods: the Meatpacking District, West Chelsea, and Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton. It’s very modern now but back then it use to be a train station. It’s a really cute park to go to especially on a date. Right next to the park are pretty cool walk-in galleries you can visit.


3. Be on TV and see your favorite talk-show host 

 There are surprisingly many TV shows you can attend. You get to see huge stars up close and people might even see you on TV! Here are just a few that you can go and get free tickets for: Anderson Live, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Dr. Oz Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America, The People’s Court, and much more.


4. Lots and lots of Museums

Many museums aren’t free but the ones that are aren’t too bad. Here are a list that are free: The Bronx Museum of the Arts, The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, National Museum of the American Indian, New York Transit Museum Annex & Store and much more. You can also visit the Brooklyn museum but it isn’t free, you can either pay for admission or donate money, however much you like, it can be a penny!


5. Brooklyn Brewery tour

Brooklyn Brewery hosts free tours every Saturday that start on the hour between 1 and 5pm—learn about the past, present and future of the company. (Under 21s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.) Afterward, grab a seat at one of the indoor picnic tables and (if you’re of age, of course) purchase beer tokens to sample some of the brewery’s wildly popular creations, among them Brooklyn Lager, which can be found not just in bars throughout New York but in 25 states and 20 countries.



Transplanted Working Dude on a Budget

by Heidi

A great guy pal of mine is now in town from Los Angeles.  He’s shooting a new television series for a cable channel and he’s living here temporarily for the next few months.  He already has a house in Los Angeles that a pal of his from New York is staying at since he’s shooting in Los Angeles.  My pal Mitch is a single guy and a house swap with his mate isn’t possible as his mate is married with a kid.  So Mitch is here in NYC on somewhat of a budget coz it’s not easy to have homes in both Los Angeles and New York.

The writing office for Mitch’s series is located in Tribeca.  The production office is located in Brooklyn.  Mitch has sublet a furnished one bedroom apartment, complete with linens, kitchenware, wi-fi and a gym, in a brand new building on the water at the Seaport.  He has easy access to the subway so he can easily jockey between Brooklyn and Tribeca.

Mitch went to film school at NYU so he’s a die-hard NYC fan.  Whereas he’s made movies and television shows all over the world (South Africa, India, Europe, America, Canada, South America) he’s quite psyched about being back in NYC for a few months.

Mitch had a credit on an online dating site so he’s cranked his membership back up and is wine-ing and dining a few lucky ladies.  He’s doing most of his dinnering in Brooklyn as he’s found many more options to fit his pocketbook.  He tells me Williamsburg is teeming with fantastic frugal finds.

He’s reacquainting himself with his old stomping grounds and has taken advantage of the great weather to walk the city–top to tail.  Central Park, The Highline, Meatpacking district (which he remembers when it was just slaughterhouses down there) have all been on his path.

Mitch is an entertainment freak so he’s taking advantage of what’s on Broadway by buying discounted theater tickets.  Also, catching a movie before noon enables you to a $7.00 ticket versus $13.50.

It would be great if you have any more ideas for a transplanted working dude on a budget if you’d share them here.  Mitch is great fun to hang with and I’ll be sure to pass all ideas along when I see him next!  Thanks, in advance, on his behalf!

Fashion On A Budget by Christopher N

I hope you all received helpful advice from my “The Do’s and Don’t Of Fashion Styling”. Today I will give you some helpful tips on how to be fashionable on a BUDGET.

Lets face it, we all love to save in every aspect in our lives, especially when those Dior shoes are on sale. But with the rise of fast fashion such as H&M and Forever 21, people are starting to look the same because of these low prices, but there are other ways to save without losing the quality of item.

When I was growing up, I have been privileged to be surrounded by closets full of all designers, My parents have them all, mostly my mother, but there kids were not going to get it that easily. I have my designer items but sometimes I have to hunt like everyone else. Here is a list of some stores that have great brands and still fashionable and have expectable prices.

Lord & Taylor: This store has many bridge/contemporary designers. For those that do not understand this concept, this means that its not too expensive nor is it too inexpensive, but the quality is expectable and the price is great for what you are getting. Brands like Calvin Klien, Ben Sherman, Hugo Boss, Michael Michael Kors,  and DKNY. Even thought the prices are in the middle, Lord & Taylor is AWESOME because they have COUPONS and they have lots of SALES, which bring the price down drastically. If you have a Lord & Taylor card, even more discounted.

Macy’s: We all grew up with Macy’s some way or another, There are many inexpensive brands, and there are bridge/contemporary brands. They also has COUPONS and have many SALES, and with a company card, your prices continues to go down. But to find good quality items, you have to dig through the store, but you will find them. But fashion doesnt have to be expensive, so here buy your cool pair f Levi’s.

Loehmann’s: This place is HEAVEN, there are so many high end designers here and also bridge/contemporary designers, this is a place to go if you want designer for the best price. They give you a BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT and they have REWARD CARDS, when you add both together, you feel that you robbed the place. You will find Valentino, Victor & Rolf, Prada, ect.

Im not a fan of fast fashion, but out of all the fast fashion, in my opinion Zara is the best. H&M does not do it for me, unless its a collaboration with a designer. Zara produces less pieces which gives you more exclusivity, and they are more fashionable and the quality is a bit higher than H&M. Even though the price is a bit higher, its worth it.

How can I forget high-end department stores. Nieman Marcus is great because of LAST CALL, you better be there the first day of this sale, thats the best stuff. This is do or die, when this sale comes along, but you will be so happy getting those Tom Ford boots.

When you have pieces from all of these stores, mix it up, and you would look like an individual, you saved and you have great pieces that can be used for a long time because of quality. With these great brands you look like a fashionable person. Again, from my previous post, find things that speak to you and your style would speak to others.

I hope you all enjoyed these helpful tips.