All I Want for Christmas…

is for the World Not to End.

There is lots of talk about the worlds end, to be quite precise December 21, 2012 is that date. The Mayan calender ends on this date which is odd that we follow it because it looks nothing like any calender I’ve ever seen, who’s to say that it’s even a calender. Oddly enough, predictions of climate change, aliens, zombies, blackouts, and many others have surfaced with relation to this date. However, people seem not to be  so shaken up by any of these events; with 19 days left you’d think everyone had lost their minds and began to cause mayhem everywhere. To be quite honest, I have a slight belief that something will be happening this month; all viral information has me in slight belief that there will be a significant change to the course of human life. Hopefully, these negative predictions are wrong and if not, I pray we survive it, learn from the mistakes that caused it, and change ourselves to prevent it from happening again. You see, how could I worry about an Iphone 5 with the thought that my mother would be investing her time and money in a gift that I will never be able to open. If these theories are true, we must add value to the time we have left. This Christmas I wish that we all put aside our differences as well as our wallets and spend this time with the people that really matter. What’s the Iphone 5 without a friend or loved one to call? A material item can never replace the wonderful feeling of love and joy. With the consumer qualities that we have all become accustom to since the birth of America maybe the world is in need of a life changing event. Not to say that consumerism is bad and money isn’t nice but what is most important to you? Throughout history we have witnessed many lives come to short and unexpected ends. Even if  you don’t believe the world will end in 19 days, live this holiday like it’s your last.

Merry Early Christmas,

Daisha Perez


To: santa From: holly

Dear Santa,

No matter what I do to make potentially positive changes in my life, I cannot seem to shake free from this black storm cloud above my head that follows me everywhere I go! Each year becomes more and more difficult than the last, though from the outside it appears I’ve got my shit together for a 20 year old: full time student, intern, part time job holder, rent-paying apartment inhibiter; I’m a hard worker, Santa! So let me have something for once. I’m materialistic but also responsible, so I feel zero guilt for the few gifts I am asking for this year because they are (somewhat) necessities. I’ll keep it real for you, Santa. Here it goes:

I’m trying to build my archive of furniture for when I graduate, get a rocking job, and move into my own cozy apartment sans roommates. I’m really liking this ‘Furlicious’ line from PB and I can picture this lounger hanging out in my bedroom. I want it!

I’m a Southpark fan with a strong interest in fashion (of course) so my favorite episode of the show is where Marc Jacobs has a cameo as a doll! This is a replica of the doll, ‘Muscle Man Marc’, that is sold by Marc Jacobs and I want it!

That’s really it. But also, feel free to stuff my stocking with cash like its a money bag. I’ll leave you some extra cookies.